As the world’s largest consumer of drugs and its largest supplier of firearms, the U.S. is a direct contributor to Mexico’s drug violence.”  - David Shirk, “Shared Responsibility”

Last Year, Americans paid $40 billion to Mexican cartels for illegal drugs. These US dollars are funding the drug war in Mexico. In only 5 years, 50,000 people died in the war. Schools have been shut down, cities have been tormented, and normal life for many Mexicans no longer exists. Over 230,000 innocent citizens were displaced in 2010 (more than those displaced in all of the Middle East in 2010).

In the U.S., illegal drug demand has increased since the drug war started. Many Americans do not know about the connection between illegal drug use in America and the drug war in Mexico.  While some are concerned about other supply chains as seen by the growing support for the slow-food and anti-child labor movements, many Americans are not asking….where do my drugs come from?  Unfortunately, the black market conditions that Mexican drug cartel members face are dire, and the resulting violent pressure put on Mexican society at large is horrific.