For decades, Mexican drug cartels have trafficked drugs into the United States. To maintain operations in Mexico, cartels bribed Mexican government officials. In 2006, the Mexican President waged war on the cartels to end the decades of bribery and illegal practices. This war is called the “Drug War.”  The war successfully destabilized some of the major cartels in the beginning, and due to this weakness, other cartels have emerged. Now, there are over 10 cartels in Mexico fighting for regional control and access to the US.  They want control because Americans have the largest illegal drug demand in the world and they are willing to pay a lot do money for illegal drugs.

The Drug War has killed over 50,000 people. Those dead include cartel members, Mexican law enforcement, and innocent people. Daily life in Mexico has been interrupted and taken over.  Over 230,000 people were displaced from their homes in 2010.

Drug trafficking poses the greatest threat not only to Mexico, but also to other Latin American countries.  Some drugs are grown or made in South America and are brought through Central America and Mexico to get to the US.  As a result, each country along the way that stands between the supply and the US demand is being ravaged by the drug war.